Welcome To Chanburys Woodfired Pizza
We're All About Food, Love & Celebrations

The Story Of Us

For as long as I can remember we have wanted to create something of our own.

We have grown up cooking and entertaining friends for nearly 20 years. You could say we are people pleasers. Now we want to combine our love of simple Italian cuisine with a passion for entertaining and take our ideas on the road to share with you all.

Chanbury’s is born (pronounced Shanbury’s). . . We are a family business based in Devon with a strong desire for perfection. We want to create not just amazing food, but a warm welcoming atmosphere that you’ll remember. Combining both locally sourced and Italian ingredients to make something really special. We’re using a sourdough base for its light and distinct flavour which adds to the magic. We hope you’ll enjoy our food time and time again !


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