This flavoursome dough has enjoyed something of a renaissance recently, but is actually one of the oldest styles of baking dating back over 5000 years. The natural raising agent is known as a leaven, made of water and mixed flour. This is the key to giving the dough such a distinct flavour. Over a number of days and weeks the leaven grows,  harvesting the natural yeast in the air. This, over time can be used as a base for baking time and time again. In fact the some leaven’s have been active for generations, passed down through the family.

Due to this natural yeast the dough forms a much lighter bake which in turn is more digestible, healthier and tastier. With a hint of nuttiness and it’s trademark crust,  we think it makes the perfect pizza.

San Marzano Tomatoes

Taste is the top priority for us so nothing else will do when it comes to the pomodoro sauce. These juicy plum tomatoes are grown near the town of San Marzano Sul Sarno at the foot of Mount Vesuvius near Naples.  A combination of the rich volcanic soil and the Mediterranean sun gives them a distinct sweet taste and low acidity which is a favourite of most Neapolitan pizzerias. To be certified as genuine San Marzano tomatoes the farmers in the area need to abide by a strict set of rules around growing and picking, thus ensuring it’s uniqueness as a regional speciality.

Buffalo Mozzarella

Made from the milk of female water buffalo, originally from the Campania region of Italy.  It is now produced in a small number of other countries including the UK.  Naturally we are supporting local and are proud to use Laverstock Park buffalo mozzarella on our menu. We can be confident that the welfare of the 200 water buffalo are carefully looked after. The farm allows them free roam to graze on organic meadows which in turn produces a buffalo mozzarella which many say is of superior quality.

It is widely known for its soft, white, creamy texture and is best enjoyed fresh. It is less firm than regular mozzarella and is a perfect match with pizza, or as the Italians do, on its own with a drizzle of olive oil,  basil and tomato.

Nduja Sausage

A regional delicacy of Calabria (the southern region of Italy ) is the spreadable pork salami know as Nduja sausage, which has more than a hint of chilli. It is a true artisan product with generations of expertise. The speciality pork is taken from free range pigs that roam the Italian hillsides. They forage on the natural goodness they find around them such as chestnuts, fruit, vegetables and herbs. Marjoram and spearmint add to the distinct flavour of the meat.
Because of the freedom they have, this results in a very lean cut of meat, perfect for curing.  The pork is then mixed with peperoncino chilli and salt to preserve the mix, then encased and expertly tied up. Finally the sausage is smoked gently then hung, anything from 3 months to 2 years.